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University of East Sarajevo is an autonomous, scientific, educational and artistic institution
consisting of fifteen faculties and two academies founded by Republic of Srpska. Since its
foundation, the University has turned to regional and international cooperation, in order to achieve
equal partnership at all levels.

Strategic objectives are the implementation of the Bologna process, raising the quality level of
study, followed by participation in international scientific research projects, as well as other types
of projects in the field of higher education, folding bilateral general and specific agreements with
universities in the country and the world, the mobility of students and staff development activities
related to international educational projects, and membership in international networks and

Faculty of Medicine Foča

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People at the Faculty of Medicine Foca are dedicated to development of science and research for new medical solution to improve health care system and help the population. Our motto is that “investing in young researchers secures our future. For that reason, we pay special attention to scientific research which is a highly important segment of teaching process, and in 2014 we were proclaimed the best scientific research institution in the Republic of Srpska by the Ministry of Science and Technology. I

Foca is an ideal city for students a small place that has succeeded in making a serious and prestigious university community consisting of Faculty of Medicine which is the part of public University of East Sarajevo which has about 2000 students all together. Full of vitality and fun, it has all the advantages of a university contre, with the friendly atmosphere of a small town. It is cosmopolitan in outlook with local charm and warm hospitality, Surrounded by beautiful mountains its compact city centre is full of clubs cafes, restaurants and shops, and as a centre of learning Foca is a vibrant hub of student life

The Center for Biomedical Research, consisting of 3 laboratories, is the only one of this kind in the Republic of Srpska. It is equipped with the latest standards, and hopefully, it will grow up into a Center of Excellence. In the Center, our PhD students have been doing very serious research on stern cells, nanomaterials etc. We have certainly been stimulating the students to engage in scientific research from the very beginning of the teaching process.

We have participated in over 30 international projects: Tempus, Erasmus WHO, and numerous national projects. We also have an active students association that offers both i educational activities and social events. The students association regularly organizes a variety of student events, providing you the opportunity to attend special lectures and seminars given by guest speakers, take an active part in research, participate in students exchange or sports competitions, express your musical talent, and so much more.

Health care in Foca has a long and rich tradition. The first hospital was founded in 1896. From that period the hospital has had a long development path In 1993 it was transformed into the clinical center, thus becoming the teaching base of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of East Sarajevo in 2007 it was named the University Hospital Foca which provides secondary and tertiary health care Today it is modern medical and university center The Faculty of Medicine together with the University Hospital (5 pavilioni) on the first glance, looks like the campus

Basic Foundations

The faculty building has around 6000 m2 which is an adequate space for carrying out the teaching process. There are two modern equipped amphitheatres, many classrooms, the center for research, laboratories for histology, anatomy, pathology, chemistry and biochemistry, clinical skills laboratory, two computer centers and a modern library.

Concerning the staff, about 240 professors and assistants participate in the teaching process. Most of them are our own staff and 30% of staff comes from other centers in BIH and surrounding region.
GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION – the place of Impressive nature

The Faculty is located in Foča, famous tourist, university and health care center in the South East of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the entity of t Republic of Srpska. This town with twenty thousands of inhabitants lies on two rivers the Drina and the Cehotina. It is located 80 kilometers away from Sarajevo, the capital of BIH, 340 km away from Belgrade, the capital of the Republic of Serbia, which is the most significant center of this part of Europe. Foča is in the centre of the National park Sutjeska, where you can find attractive mountain peaks, rich forests, rivers, beautiful lakes, the river Tara canyon, which is the longest canyon in Europe and, at the same time, it is the second longest canyon in the world after great canyon Kolorado in America. There is also the biggest primeval forest in Europe named. Perućica. Many tourists from all over the world come to visit these attractions every year. world

Student Accommodation

In order to be considered for admission the following is required for all applicants at deadline time: . Application form-filled out.
  • Birth certificate.
  •  Scanned transcripts of all years from the High School and a High School Diploma (accompanied by notarized translation into Serbian). You will attach the original documents on the enrollment, upon coming to Foca.
  •  Photocopy of the passport (page with photo and personal data).
  •  Certificate demonstrating competence in English language (any certificate issued by foreign language schools/Institutes for foreign languages will be accepted).
  • Motivation letter
For the registration, accepted applicants need the following:
  • Two photographs. Student’s course and grade book (“Index”) provided by students affairs office
  • Student’s Registration Form (“SV obrazac”) provided by students affairs office
  • Proof of payment of the tuition Fee
  • Compulsory health Insurance per year. . Student’s Visa issued by the Ministry
  • Interior Affairs
Entrance Exam An entrance exam is an examination that the University of East Sarajevo – Faculty of Medicine uses to select students for admission. Every at University of East Sarajevo – Faculty of applicant Medicine is required to take the entrance exam. This standardized procedure enables the Admissions to assess the academic ability of a Committee 10 candidate to complete a demanding undergraduate medical programme. The applicants are accepted on the basis of the results from the entrance on the examination (consisting of two separate tests an Chemistry and Biology and an interview / motivation letter) and the cumulative grade point average (GPA) from the Secondary High school

Key Highlights

Easy Accessbility

100% English medium

Recognized Institution

Indian student friendly environment

Covered under Bologna Process

No Entrance Exam

Multiple Intakes

Easy Visa Process

Zero Corruption

Hospital Training

Work/Post Graduation Opportunity

Preparatory Courses