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Study in ILIA State University

Faculty Objectives

• Develop, manage and implement undergraduate, graduate, doctoral high level programs/courses;

• To train well-educated scientists and technicians who will have the ability, after being awarded the appropriate qualifications, to effectively pursue self-education and master the latest scientific and technical methods.

• To promote the introduction / development of best scientificresearch and applied practices in the research units (institutes,research centers) of the University by involving students inacademic activities. Meet the requirements for higher education, training and retraining in accordance with the interests and abilities of the individual, and ensure academic freedom of study, teaching and research.

To Achieve Its Goals, The Faculty.

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• Offers students a wide choice of high-level programs and courses and gives them the opportunity to receive an interdisciplinary education;

  • Promotes the development of effective scientific research by inviting and promoting international-level scientific staff, supporting international research programs, and encouraging ranked publications;
  • Provides basic links to curricula, especially undergraduate and doctoral programs, in current research and other academic activities.
  • Creates an attractive environment for learning, research and self development by involving students in social/scientific activities.
  • The faculty consists of highly qualified scientists in the fields of physics, biology, ecology, earth sciences and medicine. Our faculty is in the second place in Georgia in terms of scientific performance (published in internationally rated journals), and in a number of areas in the first place in Georgia and the Caucasus region.

The faculty has a large material base used in scientific research and technical training:
Field research bases in the highlands of Georgia, on the Black Sear coast, in the arid landscape of eastern Georgia;

  • A DNA laboratory where the genes of humans, animals, and plantsare studied;
  • A research vessel used to conduct Black Sea fauna, flora and geology surveys:
  • Lecture halls,
  • Computer classes;
  • Library.

Key Highlights

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No Entrance Exam

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Easy Visa Process

Zero Corruption

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